How to build a basic WordPress website

Hi, how are you doing today? I really hope that you are enjoying yourself this time and thanks for visiting my blog. Today, I am gonna say something about how to build a basic website using WordPress step by step.

Phase one :  Choose  a domain name what means the URL of your website and then the hosting too in same place. If you don’t know how to purchase a domain and hosting then watch this video

Phase two :  Now it’s time to login to your hosting and install WordPress with few clicks. Basically it’s very easy and also depends on the hosting you have purchased. So, if you purchased the domain and hosting regarding the video then you already installed WordPress right?

Phase three : If so, then now you can select a free theme or premium theme as your demand. I have built a full professional website from start to finish using a premium theme called Jupiter If you want to purchase that Theme then you may follow the link.

Phase four :  Now it’s time to start building the website from scratch. Please watch this video and start doing what I’m doing step by step and you gonna build your professional website easily !!

SiteGround hosting

Hi, how are you? I am very thankful to you for visiting my blogs. In this post I am gonna show you how to purchase a hosting plan with the domain you want and install WordPress step by step.

Please follow the video again and just do what I am doing like this. To get the hosting plan I have placed the link below please click on that and let’s get started.

Click here to get the Plan

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