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Benefits of using WordPress for your website

Hi, how are you doing today. I’m Wasim Rana. I’m a professional web developer and has wide range of expertise on developing websites, today I’m gonna give you bunch of information about how to choose the best web hosting to start your own online business or blogs.  So, let’s start…

Do you know what kind of website you need?

This it quite tough or simple that not a big deal, first of all you will have to set up your mindset with the proper plan you need to be success. Do you ever think what will be perfect for your online business? If you have any idea that is pretty much welcoming, bring it live and make changes of your life. There are lots of web hosting company all over the world, where you need to compare your budget and their plan what is suitable for you to purchase and maintaining later. Are you looking for your business website? Then #SiteGround would be the best for you as your website will be fast enough. If this is not then you are looking for building a blog with a cheap  price? Yes, you can do it. There is another hosting called #iPage where you can purchase your domain and hosting with a very cheap price for year.

Do you know what CMS is better for you?

What is CMS? Absolutely, it is Content Management System, right? So there are hundreds of CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Megento, Drupal etc. Do you know which one is best for you? If not then just think you are a coder or not, if not then WordPress is the best CMS for you to build your website you really want.

Why you should use WordPress?

As you know over the world around 50% (close to 37 million) website built using WordPress as there are bunch of advantages using WordPress. If you not a coder then no problem at all. All the things are included in the CMS, you can create your own pages you need, posts, categories, images, products and many more stuffs to build professional website or blog even you can include huge functionalities in your website using WordPress plugins. There are millions of plugin are available for free.

What is the benefit to using WordPress?

In this part I’m gonna clear you the total benefits of using a WordPress. As you know if you are not a developer then each and every time you need to hire someone who has some coding skills about how to build a website using custom codes like HTML5 / CSS / JS / PHP and so even on completion of the website you need to hire again someone to make some changes in the website like text, images and so more.


In order to WordPress supports and rules you don’t need any coding skills where you can build your own website just spending sometimes with WordPress without having coding skills. I will clear you more on the next steps how it’s going…

Do you have time to purchase a domain under a hosting and then implement it properly with WordPress and start building you website? Here is the best hosting company list from where you can purchase your domain and hosting plan with cheap rate. Click here to see

Web Hosting

After the completion your purchase then you can start building your website with just couple of clicks. Search in YouTube how to installed WordPress in iPage hosting and you will get lots of videos to move forward. Now this is time to select a premium theme if you would like to build a professional website or blogs for your online businesses.


Which theme you should use?

Here is the theme what you can use to build your professional website  Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

This is the theme what will provide you the best elements to build your website from scratch. This is the largest WordPress theme now a days in the world. From start to finish you will get all the information along side the tools and plugins  how to build website from scratch with Avada Theme  don’t know how to configure the theme no worries I can do the rest for you with a little charge.

Web Hosting

Very funny, right? I should say something more. In my professional life I have worked with another best WordPress theme called Jupiter – Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme too. This theme will work as like as Avada theme with proper elements and such kinds of great designs.

You can check the reviews and elements list of both of the theme by following the link above. On the other hand if you need any kinds of help then just let me know and I am ready to help you asap.

Thank you so much and have a nice day.

Kind regards,

Wasim Rana




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  1. Thomas Perez

    Just an awesome instructions for building a professional website or blog from scratch. Highly recommended for hosting referrals and building a WordPress website step by step. Many Thanks 🙂

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